Is your Accounting Firm Melbourne hard or soft?

As someone who knows very little about finance – except that I know money makes the world go around, and I know I never have enough of it – I am probably someone who could use an accountant. It’s just that I really, really have very little interest (pun intended) about finance. I have very little desire to learn about it, I have very little desire to read about it, I have very little desire to have anything to do with it, really. As long as I have enough of it to have a place to put my head down at night and a bit of food on the table, then I’m really not too fussed about it at all.

So, if I were ever to look for an accountant or an accounting firm in Melbourne, what would I be searching for? Well, much like a good piece of fruit, I’d be checking to see if it’s firm or not. Because, let’s face it, if you’re going to call it an accounting ‘firm,’ then I don’t want to see something that’s soft.

But then I’d probably realise that thinking that is just stupid, and I’d probably try and look for more of the useful factors of a Melbourne accounting firm. I’d be looking that they knew how to crunch the numbers, that they would be able to do my tax return for me and get me a significant result. I’d be looking for someone who could get me the best possible results on investments, someone who could give me great advice on shares. I’d basically just be looking for a friendly, professional expert who can help me make the most of my financial requirements and needs. Isn’t that what anyone goes to an accountant for?