Locally grown food on the Mornington Peninsula

Locally grown food on the Mornington Peninsula is some of the best in all of Australia! I know that may seem like a total over exaggeration but trust me, the Mornington peninsula has some of the nicest locally produced fruit, meat, dairy and vegetables. That is one of the many reasons why I decided to open up my restaurant on the Mornington Peninsula.

The other main reason was my upbringing. When I was little, my family would always go on this massive road trips all around victoria. We would visit all sorts of amazing places, our travels largely focused on the food. This was because my dad used to be this incredible chef in Paris. Then he met my mum while on a business trip in Melbourne. He eventually decided to stay here with her. He opened up a new restaurant in the CBD and was constantly looking for new inspiration. So that is why we went around victoria eating at millions of restaurants. But, we would always return to the Mornington peninsula.

That place has amazing food. My dad thought so, and I think so too. The Mornington Peninsula is home to many amazing farms where they produce the freshest ingredients that are perfect for cooking. In the cities, vegetables and fruits delivered to restaurants are usually not extremely fresh as they have to travel from the farm for a period of days. However, in places like the Mornington Peninsula, all the food is locally grown. This means it is delivered straight from the farm to the restaurants where they cook it.

The freshness of the food is made obvious by the menu. Because the food is so fresh, menus are often not only seasonal but vary every week. Many restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula change their menus extremely frequently which means they are serving the best and freshest of foods.

This amazing restaurant lifestyle on the Mornington Peninsula is what inspired me choose it as the location for my restaurant. Not only is the place beautiful, but I also am acquainted with many farmers in the area who deliver local food to me every morning. This does not just include vegetables and fruits, but also dairy products and meats. On the Mornington Peninsula, many farmers farm their dairy and meat products as ethically as possible. This not only effects the way the produce tastes, but also allows us to be slightly more environmental then your average restaurant.

To conclude, the Mornington Peninsula has some of the best food in Australia. I highly recommend giving us a visit.