Things to know before buying Kitchen Taps

University has definitely been my favourite period of life so far. I had never found school challenging, but at university, I always found myself being pushed further than I thought I was capable of. University was a place where I could do what I loved whilst learning how to make what I love even better.

Art was always my best subject at school and my passion; it was never taken seriously though. The art teachers would treat art class like a free period for us to do whatever we wanted. We weren’t given projects to do to improve our skills, instead, we were ignored and treated like our talents weren’t useful in the real world. At University, however, I always felt the need to do better and be better. I was pushed to improve and challenge myself to think outside of the box.

There’s one art project I vividly remember being given as part of our architecture course; we had to design a house from start to finish including appliances and furniture. We were given a month to complete it which at the time seemed way too long but as the deadline approached, I remember thinking I was never going to get it done in time.

Every aspect of the project had to be carefully put together. The layout of the rooms was the first thing I planned, then the window placement to allow optimum sunlight; even the kitchen taps had to be carefully thought through.

This project was definitely the most challenging work I’ve had to do at university, however, I enjoyed it the most. I had to push myself and by the end, I had a finished product that I was proud of, kitchen taps and all. It ended up being a house I wanted to live in when I was older because of the dedication I had put towards making it perfect.