Why I chose to get all my printing done in Melbourne for my trade-show, rather than shipping it

Working as an event organizer, I have to have a lot of connections. I know so many different companies who produce in Australia or internationally. On most occasions I’m on good terms with the owners, unless they haven’t been able to come through with their product or their product was faulty. Then they usually never get a call back. There’s no time for sub-par businesses.

So currently I’m organizing a tradeshow for Australian vendors. Tradeshows have been a apart of Australia culture since the 19th century. They’re a great way for the agriculture community to show off their stock or for new technology to take off. Vehicles and furniture are also a major product shown at the tradeshows. Most of the shows are held in Melbourne or Sydney so they can gain more traction, with this one taking place in Melbourne. Tradeshows in general don’t get a lot of international visitors, mostly due to geographical location so it’s important to focus on the Australia viewership and to encourage them to come.

Since the organization of the event includes marketing, I have to think of effective advertising ideas. I have created posters which attempt to appeal to the patriotic side in my audience, knowing that these trade-shows are very inherently Australian. The whole event revolves around Australian producers being able to compete with international vendors. So I get my printing done in Melbourne. I make sure to keep all my products used in the trade-show Australian made. If we’re trying to encourage this idea of patriotism, why not?

Printing in Melbourne is a lot easier than doing it internationally. You don’t have to deal with awkward international time differences when you’re trying to contact them, instead you can just go down and meet with the vendors themselves. Also you know that your printings will arrive in time unlike with international companies, where time is constantly an issue.

So if you’re looking to print an abundance of anything, if it be for an event or for business in general, I recommend printing in Melbourne. Support your local companies.